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Why Join the Shared Branch Network?





Expand Footprint Without The High Cost of Branches



Generate Revenue By Serving Guest Members



Build Stronger Relationships With Your Members

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Elevate Convenience By Providing ACCESS To Over 5,600 Locations Nationwide

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Increase Traffic At Under-Performing Branches

Enhance Credit Union Power By Participating In A Network With 1,800 Other Credit Unions


How To Enroll In the Shared Branch Network

CO-OP Shared Branch drives all shared branching transactions for credit unions.  Credit unions in Pennsylvania and Delaware must contract with PaCUSC to participate in CO-OP Shared Branch.

Credit Union Participation

Participation in shared branching means that a credit union is an Issuer in the network, giving their members access to all 5,700 locations nationwide.  Issuers pay for each transaction.

Participating credit unions may also Acquire, opening one or all of its locations as an Outlet to serve members of Issuing credit unions.  When an Issuer becomes an Acquirer, they generate income which helps to offset the cost of Issuer transactions.

Network Transaction Flow

When a member requests a transaction at an Acquirer credit union, the Acquirer sends a verification request to the Issuer, or home credit union; the Issuer responds instantly with the member's personal and account information. Once the Acquirer verifies the member information, the member can access his or her accounts and proceed with transactions.

Flow Chart

Cost Considerations

Contact your core processor to find out if they have the connection to CO-OP Shared Branch and be sure to ask about the fees.  The majority of the  implementation costs come from the core processor.  Depending on your asset size, the CrossState Credit Union Foundation may be able to assist with implementation fees.

Once you have the information from your core processor, contact PaCUSC, the state network partner to start the project.

Issuer Expense Considerations

Implementation Fees Fixed Fees Variable Fees
Core Processor CO-OP Support/Report Local Interchange
CO-OP CO-OP Information Security National Interchange
  Core Processor Switch 


Acquirer Income & Expense Considerations

Implementation Fees Fixed Fees Variable Fees Acquirer Income
Core Processor CO-OP Support/Report Local  Local Interchange
CO-OP CO-OP Information Security   National Interchange
  Core Processor    

What Does PaCUSC Provide?

  • CO-OP Shared Branch Access
  • Implementation
  • Operational Support
  • Training
  • Monthly Billing
  • Member Usage Reports
  • Monthly Chat Session With Other Participants
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Are You Ready to be Part of the CO-OP Shared Branch Network?  Request More Information